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Alcoholic Beverages(Edible Gelatin)

Edible gelatin is an ideal solution for clarifying wine, beer, and apple juice. It effectively enhances product transparency and reduces the astringency of final beverages, all without compromising their taste.

Edible Gelatin

Gelatin, a hydrocolloid with a large molecular structure, serves multiple purposes including gelling, stabilizing, emulsifying, thickening, and even clarifying. The clarification function of gelatin involves the addition of a flocculating substance to the product, which helps to settle and remove suspended particles that contribute to the turbidity of wine or juice.

In alcoholic beverages, gelatin can serve several purposes:

Clarifying agent: Gelatin is often used to clarify alcoholic beverages, such as wine and beer. When added to the liquid, gelatin attracts and absorbs suspended particles, including proteins, yeast, and other sediments, making the beverage clearer and more visually appealing.

Mouthfeel and texture: Gelatin can also enhance the mouthfeel and texture of certain alcoholic drinks, adding a smooth and velvety sensation to the drink.

Foam stabilization: In some cocktails and mixed drinks, gelatin can be used to stabilize foams or create frothy toppings, adding a unique presentation and texture to the beverage.

More solutions for the Alcoholic Beverages of Gelatin

Frozen Sweets – Ice Cream(Edible Gelatin)

Edible gelatin is a widely utilized clarifying agent across all wine-producing regions due to its exceptional microbiological properties.
It effectively clarifies wine without altering its color, resulting in bright and mellow wines.

  • With its strong microbiological indicators
  • Edible gelatin is a preferred choice for a clarifying agent
  • As it effectively clarifies the product while maintaining its natural color.