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Desserts(Edible Gelatin)

Edible gelatin is a popular ingredient used in many desserts made by both food manufacturers and home cooks worldwide. It is easy to use and can be used in various ways to create fun and creative desserts. It sets quickly and improves the color and clarity of desserts, making them look even more delicious.

Edible Gelatin of Jinda Gelatin

Edible Gelatin

Gelatin is an effective ingredient that prevents large ice crystal formation in food products, resulting in a delicate texture and reduced melting rate. It is widely used in various food applications and extends the shelf life of products.

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Frozen Sweets – Ice Cream (Edible Gelatin)

Gelatin has been widely used as a stabilizer in the frozen confectionery sector, particularly in the manufacturing of ice cream, due to its traditional nature.

  • Ice cream can be described as a complex mixture of different phases, including liquids, gases, and solids.
  • The air bubbles present in the ingredients are evenly distributed throughout a continuous liquid phase that comprises ice crystals, milk proteins,
    solid fat globules, lactose crystals, and soluble salts, resulting in the formation of a stable dispersed system.
  • Gelatin is a highly effective stabilizer for frozen desserts as it can withstand thermal changes in free water that can cause product deterioration.
  • In the event that ice cream is melted and subsequently refrozen, the addition of gelatin works to minimize the formation of ice crystals and
    prevents the creation of a rough, unpleasant texture that can be characterized by the presence of ice chips.
    This ensures that the product maintains a desirable, smooth and creamy consistency.

Pastry Filling and Coating (Edible Gelatin)

Gelatin-based pastry fillings and coating solutions are ideal for creating delectable desserts that are sure to satisfy.

  • Gelatins are highly desirable ingredients for pastry fillings and coatings due to their exceptional foaming, coating, and stabilizing capabilities.
Edible Gelatin of Jinda Gelatin
Edible Gelatin of Jinda Gelatin

Dessert Enhancer (Edible Gelatin)

The exceptional gelling and water-binding properties of gelatins, in conjunction with their capacity to enhance brightness and transparency,
make them an optimal choice for the creation of jelly desserts.

  • The user-friendly nature and versatility of gelatins provide ample opportunities for the creation of exciting, imaginative, and flawless desserts.
  • Gelatin’s rapid setting properties, coupled with its ability to intensify the color and clarity of desserts, make it an ideal component for
    the production of visually stunning and appetizing confections.

Flavored Milk (Edible Gelatin)

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards flavored milk as a convenient and enjoyable sweet treat.

  • The addition of gelatin, in conjunction with other stabilizers, is an effective means of achieving the desired elastic texture of a product,
    while also preventing unwanted whey separation and extending the product’s shelf life.
  • The utilization of gelatin in jellies and other aerated confections yields excellent foaming properties and enhances the stable dispersion of air bubbles, imparting a delightful appearance reminiscent of classic churned sweets.
Edible Gelatin of Jinda Gelatin