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Meat (Edible Gelatin)

Water retention is a crucial aspect of most meat products, as it impacts the final quality and texture. Edible gelatin acts as a reliable agent to firmly “lock” free water molecules, ensuring minimal water loss during processing operations such as heating, sterilization, and shearing. This results in meat products with improved texture, flavor, and overall quality.

Edible gelatin for meat of Jinda Gelatin

Edible Gelatin

Poor water retention in meat can lead to a range of issues, including a rough texture, poor slicability, and reduced yield. To overcome this, substances that have a strong affinity to water, such as starch and soy protein, are often added to meat products. While starch has a water absorption ratio of 1:2, and soy protein 1:4, the water absorption ratio of edible gelatin is significantly higher, reaching tens of times. This is due to the molecular structure of edible gelatin, which contains ionic groups that form additional hydrogen bonds with free water. Moreover, edible gelatin has the unique ability to react with proteins, creating a robust three-dimensional spatial structure – gels – that effectively lock in moisture. By incorporating edible gelatin into meat products, manufacturers can significantly enhance water retention, ultimately leading to better quality and more appealing products.

More solutions for the Meat of Gelatin

Edible gelatin for meat of Jinda Gelatin

Healthy and Safe Meat Coating Agent(Edible Gelatin)

Edible gelatin is often utilized as a film-forming agent for meat products, commonly in conjunction with acids, preservatives, and other additives. This application enables the formation of a protective film on the food surface, safeguarding it against oxygen and microbial degradation. Consequently, this technique helps to maintain the food quality, freshness, aroma, and appearance.

  • Protective food film
  • Consumable film
  • Preventing moisture evaporation and microbial contamination
  • Prolonging the meat’s shelf life

Tasty and Juicy Meat Products(Edible Gelatin)

Proteins present in meat products are categorized as water-soluble, salt-soluble, and tough proteins, which contribute to the appetizing taste of meat. Edible gelatin can react with the polar component of proteins, synergistically enhancing the water retention capacity of edible gelatin. As a result, the retention of flavor and aroma molecules in meat products is optimized, and the texture of meat products becomes supple, resilient, tender, and succulent.

  • Gelation process
  • Hydrocolloid water-holding capability
Edible gelatin for meat of Jinda Gelatin