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Gelatin Microcapsules

Gelatin is a highly desirable biopolymeric material due to its natural biodegradability, excellent biocompatibility, and efficient gelation properties. It is a widely used traditional pharmaceutical excipient in the pharmaceutical industry.

Gelatin Microcapsules of Jinda Gelatin

Gelatin Microcapsules

Microcapsules are small containers or packages that consist of a polymeric wall shell and microscopic packaging. Microencapsulation technology involves the encapsulation and sealing of solids, liquids, or gases in a microcapsule, resulting in a solid particulate product.

Gelatin microcapsules have various applications across different industries due to their unique properties. Microencapsulation is the process of enclosing tiny particles or droplets within a protective shell, and gelatin is a commonly used material for this purpose. Here are some of the applications of gelatin microcapsules:

Pharmaceuticals: Gelatin microcapsules are utilized in the pharmaceutical industry to encapsulate drugs, vitamins, or other active substances. This enables controlled release or targeted delivery of medications, improving their efficacy and reducing side effects. For example, certain medications are designed to release slowly over an extended period, which can be achieved through gelatin microcapsules.

Fragrances and Personal Care: Gelatin microcapsules are used to encapsulate fragrances, essential oils, and other active ingredients in personal care products like perfumes, lotions, and shampoos. This allows for controlled and long-lasting release of the fragrance or active compounds.

More solutions for the Microcapsules of Gelatin

Wide Applications of Microcapsules(Gelatin Microcapsules)

Microencapsulation is a process in which a special core material is encapsulated and its color, form,
volume, quality, solubility, and storage properties are altered to a certain extent.
By creating specific conditions, the core material can be slowly released to fulfill its intended purpose.

  • Active ingredient protection
  • Versatile applications

Gelatin microcapsules are tiny spherical particles made from gelatin, a protein derived from animal collagen. These microcapsules have a wide range of applications in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and more.

Gelatin microcapsules have found extensive use in pharmaceuticals for controlled drug release, especially for drugs that need to be released in a specific part of the body or in a sustained manner.