The unique formula of gelatin Soft Gels protects your product from light, oxidation, and humidity, prolonging its shelf life.

Pharmaceutical Gelatin Soft Gels

Gelatin soft gels, which are also referred to as soft capsules, come in various shapes such as round, oval, fish-shaped, and tube-shaped. They are a type of preparation that involves encapsulating oil or non-water-soluble liquids or suspensions that are insoluble in gelatin within a capsule shell.

Pharmaceutical Gelatin Soft Gels

Gelatin is an excellent material for filling the contents of soft gels. It effectively prevents the reaction between the capsule shell and the contents, leading to desirable biopharmaceutical properties. Currently, gelatin soft gels are widely used in areas such as pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, cosmetics, and more.

More solutions for the Soft Gels of Gelatin

Pharmaceutical Gelatin Soft Gels of Jinda Gelatin

Booming Soft Gel Product(Pharmaceutical Gelatin Soft Gels)

Soft gel products are produced by encapsulating a specific amount of liquid drug directly or dissolving and dispersing solid drugs in suitable excipients to form solutions, suspensions, emulsions, or semi-solids, which are then sealed in spherical or elliptical soft capsules. The thick gelatin membrane used in these capsules provides complete hermetic sealing, high capsule strength, and excellent membrane blocking properties, allowing the contents to maintain long-term stability. Furthermore, the gelatin membrane is over 30 times more effective at blocking oxygen than polyethylene film, making it highly stable to the air’s oxygen, preventing air oxidation, moisture absorption, and other harmful environmental factors.

  • Upon ingestion, the contents of the soft gel product are rapidly released, leading to high body utilization and absorption rates.
  • The contents of the soft gel product are homogenous, and the deviation in content is very low.
  • The soft gel product can effectively mask the odor and peculiar smell of certain contents, resulting in a more pleasant sensory experience for the consumer.